NEWS (updated 8.15.15)

Benefit Show at Rocking R Farm: 8.16.15

This year’s Annual Benefit Show was be held on Sunday, August 16 @ Rocking R Farm in Foley.

Download the show bill and entry form and ride times

If you are interested in learning more about the event, please contact Clare. We hope you can join us for a fun day! Thank you to Rocking R Farm for letting us use their facility!

We Moved!

In early 2015, Project ASTRIDE found a new home at “Enchanted Acres”, a property owned by Jesse and Mary Spaeth. As we get settled in the new location, there are a lot of changes! Most importantly please enter slowly and respect the property’s MPH restrictions as there are lots of critters running around.

The address to our new location is:
40810 65th Ave
Rice, MN 56377

Feel free to volunteer or visit during one of our sessions to learn more about our wonderful new home! Detailed driving directions can be found on the Contact Us page.

2014 Match Race Success!

A huge thank you to all of the generous donors who contributed to this year’s race. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support.

With your help, we made our goal of $6,000!

Project ASTRIDE counts on the generosity of donors to continue to fulfill our mission. For 26 years, PA has had no paid staff. All dollars go to program support because riders’ fees pay only 28% of PA’s total budget. The rest comes from our incredibly generous donors – individuals, businesses, service clubs, and occasional foundation grants. That’s how PA pays barn rent, insurance, horse care, veterinary care, tack, and all the organizational expenses. For more information, view/download our recent postcard

December 2014 Location Update:

For the past several years, the Backes family have been wonderful hosts for Project ASTRIDE at their Avon Hills property in Avon. But, circumstancesand availabilities change, and Project ASTRIDE has sought out a new home. We move on with deep gratitude to the Backes family for their generosity over the years.

We have found a new place but want to get settled in before announcing this change. Be assured, we will be ready for Spring sessions and we will keep you updated.

If you have questions or concerns, please drop us a note at the mailing address or use our email, [email protected].

Looking ahead, Project ASTRIDE intends to settle into its own facilities at some time. As we move in that direction, your support, as well as networking talents, are very appreciated. Project ASTRIDE is strong, in spirit andfinancially, and requests for our services to riders continue to grow. We look forward with excitement to possibilities that change brings, to growth,and to serving our current riders, as well as new participants!

Thank you so much for your continued support!


Congrats to our 2014 Raffle Winners!

158 $1500.00 CASH Tyson Stanley
133 $160.00 MN Wild Tickets Janna Schimnich
573 $120 Framed print AUTUMN MIST Tyson Stanley
862 $100.00 4 Timberwolves tickets Colleen Haider
166 $100.00 MPV Sports Rental Tom & Sandy Lanz
740 $90.00 Potted Plant Stephen Chisholm
40 $90.00 Potted Plant Alice Sue Becker
1126 $60.00 one Hour Massage Andrew Hammer
1090 $60.00 one Hour Massage Noah Barker
558 $50.00 CASH Peter Anderson
592 $50.00 CASH Linda Heruth
949 $50.00 CASH Greg Koczur
824 $50.00 CASH Robin Ritsche
399 $50.00 CASH Rita Hennen
987 1 -$30 Value Denim Shirt Tom Undersander
721 1 -$30 Value Denim Shirt Tom Quinlan
832 1 -$30 Value Denim Shirt Jordan Ebnet
580 1 -$30 Value Denim Shirt Bryan Kroll
1144 1 -$30 Value Denim Shirt Roy & Ruth Meyer
1172 1 -$30 Value Denim Shirt Kim Barka
961 $30.00 Smokey Joe Grill Jodi Cotton
600 $25.00 Young Living Essential Oils Shellie Kremers
487 $25.00 Granite Coasters Aaron Hansen
1062 $25.00 Texas Road House gift card Mike Heveron
752 $25.00 Texas Road House gift card Joyce Baumann
551 $25.00 Ciatti’s gift card Terry Beilke
820 $25.00 Ciatti’s gift card Jerry Wesp
946 $25.00 Thompsens Greenhouse Greg Koczur
892 $25.00 Thompsens Greenhouse Elizabeth Biedinger
1113 $25.00 gift card Day LilySalon & Spa Sue Schulte
611 $25.00 gift card Day LilySalon & Spa Heidi Goldy
717 $25.00 Gift Card Barnes and Noble Bob Lampert
335 $25.00 Gift Card Barnes and Noble Ed Weinmann
25 $25 COBORNS Certificates Perry Lukes
1086 $25 COBORNS Certificates Noah Barker
623 $25.00 CASH Mark Goldy
389 $25.00 CASH Jim Weinmann
761 $25.00 CASH Jen Birk
887 $25.00 CASH Marilyn Rosene
365 1 Hair Cut ($20.00 value) J Bieganiek
438 1-Campbell’s ($12 value) Cook book Mary Kuhlmann
376 1-Campbell’s ($12 value) Cook book Bob Hennen
524 1-Campbell’s ($12 value) Cook book Karen J Nelson
344 1-Campbell’s ($12 value) Cook book Doreen Johnson
1045 1-Campbell’s ($12 value) Cook book Jeff Storms
607 1- Campbell’s ($12 value) Cook book Holly Minton
168 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Tom & Sandy Lanz
975 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Tom Undersander
585 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Alan Lundstrom
317 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Heather Kraft
19 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Ann Kunz
1159 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Grace Backes
857 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Julie Bragelmann
353 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Karen Williams
255 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Deann Schreifels
1123 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Christina Gay

8.17.14 PA Horse Show

This year’s Annual Benefit Show was be held on Sunday, August 17 @ Rocking R Farm in Foley.


Download the show bill and entry forms. And check back for ride times, when the show gets closer!

If you are interested in learning more about the event, please contact Clare. We hope you can join us for the show!

Thank you to Rocking R Farm for letting us use their facility and to Ashley Blegen for donating her time to take photos at the show. Click here to view the photos now.

2014 Breakfast and Silent Auction

Sunday, February 9 from 9AM to 1PM
@ Moose Family Center, Waite Park

Thank you to everyone who spent a winter morning with good food & good company for a good cause.

Adults $8.00, 10 & under $5.00, 2 & under are free! Tickets available at the door or call Linda to purchase them ahead of time: 320-333-7496.

> download the flyer for more info or to print and post at your work, gym, school, etc.!

2013 Match Race Success

Your gifts give responsbility and friendship. Thank you for helping us this year!

This year’s Match Race raised nearly $11,000 for Project ASTRIDE’s program.

Project ASTRIDE is fully volunteer operated and riders’ fees pay only 28% of the costs. That is why for the last 26 years we have relied on the generosity of people like you. During the 2013 Match Race Fund “Racing” Campaign, your gifts – sent during October, November & December – were DOUBLED by a matching contribution from these generous donors:

Thank you to everyone that donated. And don’t forget – you can donate using your credit card at the secure website at any time.

Or, mail your check to:
PO Box 873
Saint Joseph, MN 56374

Project ASTRIDE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered with the State of Minnesota.

All financial contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

For more information, download the Match Race postcard

Fall 2013 Newsletter mailed

Download a PDF of the newsletter to see all the latest and greatest news on Project ASTRIDE’s activities.

8.18.13 PA Horse Show

This year’s Annual Benefit Show was be held on Sunday, August 18 @ Rocking R Farm in Foley.

Thank you to Rocking R Farm for letting us use their facility and to Ashley Blegen for donating her time to take photos at the show. Click here to view the photos now.

Download the RIDE TIMES, show bill and entry forms

If you are interested in learning more about the event, please contact Clare. Hope you can join us for the 2014 show!

8.8.13 Raffle Winners Announced

This was one of our best years ever and we owe it all our donors, sellers and purchasers. Thank you!!

Here’s our official winner list:

1023 $1500.00 CASH Sue Iten
476 $150 CASH Brenda Jenkins
1103 $150.00 MN Wild Tickets Jenna Undersander
497 $120 Framed print AUTUMN MIST Greg Schlosser
325 $80.00 4 Timberwolves tickets Al Marshik
755 $54.00 Canoe/Kayak (trip for 2) Pam Peterson
484 $54.00 Canoe/Kayak (trip for 2) Jerry Marquette
597 $50.00 CASH Margaret Coleman
1165 $50.00 CASH Jennas Fight Club
344 $50 Gift Card Day Lily Salon and Spa D.J. Cafferty
86 $45.00 Creative Memories Package Jeanine Hebner
69 Framed Water Color Painting $45 Gary Akervik
331 Framed Water Color Painting $45 Clare Palmquist
345 Framed Water Color Painting $45 D.J. Cafferty
647 $45 Quilted Table Runner Danny Shepard
1067 $44.00 Set of 4 Rodeo Tickets Jodi Cotton
1092 $30 Ice Fishing & Outdoor Gift Pack Tom Undersander
729 $30.00 1/2 hour Massage Delores Gertken
640 $30.00 1/2 hour Massage Paul Marrinan
838 $25 COBORNS Certificates Daryl Henneman
732 $25 COBORNS Certificates Bill Lemke
1063 $25.00 Granite Coasters Randy Neldner
246 $25.00 CASH Tom & Jenna Undersander
269 $25.00 CASH Todd Meyer
690 $25.00 CASH Robyn Hennen
436 $25.00 CASH Christine Daggett
457 $25 Shopko Gift Card Mariann Lucken
393 $25 Shopko Gift Card Greg & Kris Beuning
798 $25.00 Gift Card Barnes and Noble Cindi Dibblee
697 $25.00 Gift Card Barnes and Noble Kim Barka
855 1 Hair Cut ($20.00 value) Dean Berckes
349 Tea Basket  $20.00 value D.J. Cafferty
935 Hand Made Scarf Nick Tembrock
857 Family Night Movie Basket Dean Berckes
606 1 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Liz Biedinger
1116 2 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Amy Hansen
1045 3  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Tom Gerads
407 4  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Lisa Beuny
513 5  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Barb Trieschmann
120 6  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Gini Scanlon
200 7  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Tandem Orthotics/Prosthetics
722 8  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Jo Kuhl
637 9  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Paul Marrinian
109 10 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card Bev Jacobson

June 2013 Fun Show

Thank you to Ashley Blegen for taking photos at our 2nd annual fun show! Click here to view them now.

2013 Region 6 PATH Conference

Project ASTRIDE is the host for this year’s annual regional PATH Int’l conference. It’s being held from March 8-10, 2013 in St. Cloud. Please visit the event site for a full agenda and more information. To access materials from the conference click here

2012 Match Race Results

Huge thank you to all of the generous donors who contributed during this year’s race. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support.

With your help we were able to raise $11,965!!

Project ASTRIDE counts on the generosity of donors to continue to fulfill our mission. For 26 years, PA has had no paid staff. All dollars go to program support because riders’ fees pay only 28% of PA’s total budget. The rest comes from our incredibly generous donors – individuals, businesses, service clubs, and occasional foundation grants. That’s how PA pays barn rent, insurance, horse care, veterinary care, tack, and all the organizational expenses.

Give the Max Day: November 15

Don’t forget this year’s Give to the Max Day – a special 24-hour giving campaign through With special incentives and prizes, if you’ve ever thought about giving to PA – that’s the day to do it!

Just visit our page: and GIVE!

8.19.12 PA Horse Show

Thank you to everyone who came to judge, volunteer, show or just watch our Annual Benefit Show held on Sunday, August 19 @ Rocking R Farm in Foley. We appreciate your support!

Clare did an amazing job of organizing the day and the weather was perfect – as our photographer, Ashley’s photos show. To view/order the photos visit her website at:

For reference, here are the ride times,show bill and entry forms. Thanks again, everyone – see you next year!

8.15.12 Raffle Winners Announced

A big thank you to all of those who sold (and purchased!) raffle tickets this year. Here’s our official winner list:

Ticket # Prize Winner
971 $200.00 CASH Greg Bruchs
912 $150.00 MN Wild Tickets Tom Undersander
663 $125.00 Damascus steel knife Joan Bieganek
638 $100.00 CASH Olson
260 $100.00 CASH Paul Marrinan
98 $100.00 CASH Fred Dagget
796 $100 Local Dining Gift Cards Bev Jacobson
168 $75.00 Unique Quarry Park Photo Marie Eichers
675 $60.00 4 Timberwolves tickets Tom Danzl
113 $53.00 Mini Magnet Display Jake Gertken
903 $53.00 Mini Magnet Display Kurt Schneider
795 $50.00 CASH Bev Jacobson
572 $50 VISA Gift Card Dean Marshik
581 $50.00 Handmade letter opener Dean Marshik
80 $50.00 Coborns Gift Card Jenna Undersander
785 $50.00 Coborns Gift Card Kim Ritzer
504 $50 Wine Lot Ed Weinmann
676 $35.00 Snappy Lube Oil Change Tom Danzl
627 $35.00 Snappy Lube Oil Change LaKota Plafcan
611 $33.00 Page Frame Brenda McKeon
965 $30.00 1/2 Hr Massage Kevin Kremers
97 $30.00 1/2 Hr Massage Fred Daggett
833 $25.00 Granite Coasters Kristin Stiegel
360 $25.00 Gift Card Beth Anderson
525 $25.00 Gift Card Jerry Weinmann
1- $25.00 CASH 1 – John Theis
756 2 – $25.00 CASH 2 – Ann Konop
110 3  – $25.00 CASH 3 – Nancy Bellmont
189 4  – $25.00 CASH 4 – Bertie Kraft
489 5 – $25.00 CASH 5 – Stella Hennen
655 6  – $25.00 CASH 6 – Donna Blommer
246 7 – $25.00 CASH 7 – Michael Lanz
571 8 – $25.00 CASH 8 – Dean Marshik
482 $25.00 Gift Card Scheels Dick Lundstrom
651 1 Barnes and Nobel Julie Orth
791 2 Barnes and Nobel Steve Dircks
720 1 Fairview Gardens Gary Gray
298 2 Fairview Gardens John Manuel
763 1-$25.00 Thompsons Julia Konop
461 2-$25.00 Thompsons Miranda Wolf
117 1-$25.00 Gift Card Cabelas 1 – Lorraine Sand
375 2-$25.00 Gift Card Cabelas 2 – Kathy Theis
1-$25.00 Gift Card Day Lily Spa 1 – John Theis
204 2-$25.00 Gift Card Day Lily Spa 2 – Jeanine Hebner
579 1 CASH  $20 1 – Dean Marshik
372 2 CASH $20 2 – Kathy Theis
932 3 CASH $20 3 – Beth Anderson
824 4 CASH $20 4 – Jon Worms
369 5 CASH $20 5 – Ann Kunz
492 1 Hair Cut ($20.00 value) Heidi Brutger
768 1 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 1 – Julia Konop
589 2 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 2 – Rachael Maus
684 3  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 3 – Wendy Krey
327 4  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 4 – DJ Cafferty
794 5  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 5 – Steve Dircks
664 6  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 6 – Joan Bieganek
165 7  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 7 – Deb Hansen
84 8  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 8 – Scott Johnson
487 9  $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 9 – Adelle Hennen
954 10 $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card 10 – Alan Lundstrom

Dare to Dream – Mounted Shooting Event

On Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12, the Minnesota Mounted Shooters ( held a cowboy mounted shoot at an arena near Clearwater. Project ASTRIDE was the beneficiary of funds raised. Thank you to everyone who came to the event and support PA! And a big thank you to Shellie for organizing this great event!!

7.27.12: Attention 2012 Fall Session Volunteers!

Our summer training will be held on Saturday, August 4th from 9:00 am-1:00 pm at the barn. This four hour class is required of all new volunteers. We will cover program policies and procedures. We will do a barn tour, a saddling demonstration, and run a mock class. Application forms and paperwork must be completed for all. If under 18 years old, you must have parents signature on all forms. You must be 16 or over in order to assist with horses or participants. Horse experience is nice, but not required. Full list of requirements, application, and forms are available here. CLICK HERE for 2012 APPLICATION FORMS

If you have questions or if you are interested in attending, please contact Marti, volunteer coordinator.

PA Fun Show – thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who helped at the Saturday, June 16 fun show. Extra kudos to board member and instructor, Heather for all her work in organizing the event. It was a great day! For more information about the show, contact Heather or download the show bill

Special thanks to Ashley Blegen for donating her photography talents to the show. To view the photos visit her website at:

2.19.12: Pool Tournament Fundraiser a Great Success

A big thanks to everyone who came to play or watch on February 19! This fundraiser was held at Ducky’s Bar in St. Cloud and hosted by Paul Morrison of RE/MAX Realty Source, the proceeds from this fundraiser were given to PA.

January 2012 E-News

download the PDF
(or sign up to receive future issues in your email inbox)

2011 Match Race Results

Thank you to everyone who donated for our 2011 Match Race fundraiser. Because of your contributions we raised nearly $11,000 for the organization! THANK YOU!

1.24.11 Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party @ Jimmy’s Pourhouse in Sauk Rapids

More details to come…

10.9.11 Fall Open House & Holiday Photo Shoot

10.17.11 Annual Meeting

more info about both events…

8.21.11 Raffle Winners Announced

A big thank you to all of those who sold (and purchased!) raffle tickets this year. Special thanks to Rosie & Robyn Hennen for selling the most!! Here’s our official winner list:

Ticket # Prize Winner
839 $250  Cash – PA Board Member Shae Hennen
25 $250 Disc towards Custom Comfort Bed Steve Plafcan
672 $250 Disc towards Custom Comfort Bed Mike Lien
$150.00 MN Wild LL tickets Frances Theis
341 $136.25 Daisy Project Tote Mark Klein
483 $120.00 7 months of storage Wendy Schmitz
664 $115.00 Etched Clock Maggie McCausland
560 $100.00 Cash Kevin Okeson
858 $100.00 Coborn’s Gift Card Jackie Vollmer
61 $100.00 Coborn’s Gift Card Gabe & Jamie Becker Finn
442 $100.00 Coborn’s Gift Card Jackie Lundstrom
564 $100 Local Dining Gift Cards Kirsten Stiegel
666 $100 Savings Bond Elmer Braegelmann
24 $75.00 CASH LaKota Plafcan
75 $75.00 CASH Sue Phillips
760 $75.00 CASH Sandi Meyer
519 $60.00 4 UL Timberwolves tkts. Linda K Peterson
679 $50.00 CASH Allen Bajari
395 $50.00 CASH Tom Weaver
725 $50.00 CASH Paul Morrison
827 $50 Wine Lot Jim Weinmann
433 $50.00 Silk Flower arrangement Mike Hennen
258 $50.00 Silk Flower arrangement Lori Danzl
635 $35.00 Gift Basket Marilyn Rosene
606 $25.00 CASH Joan Bieganek
602 $25.00 CASH Cassandra Meyer
792 $25.00 CASH Bonnie Witschen
597 $25.00 Granite Coasters Peg Hartung
755 $20.00 Gift Card Shopko Teresa Johnson
490 $20.00 Gift Card Shopko Wendy Schmitz
506 1 Hair Cut ($20.00 value) D J Cafferty
242 $15.00 Certificate  G-Allen’s Vera Lou & John Klaphake
21 $15.00 Certificate  G-Allen’s LaKota Plafcan
320 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  1 Heather Kraft
399 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  2 Tony Marshik
357 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  3 Liz Berckes
721 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  4 Alice Matthews
467 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  5 Doreen Johnson
476 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  6 Ed Weinmann
563 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  7 Kirsten Stieggel
860 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  8 Lisa Schoonmaker
740 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  9 Ginger Johnson
280 $10.00 Campus Subway   Gift Card  10 Paul Marrinan


2011 PA Benefit Show: August 21, 2011

> download the ride times!
> download the show bill
> download the entry form and release of liability form

The show will be held at Rocking R Farm, Foley. For directions and more info about the farm visit their website at:

For more information about this event contact Clare. Hope to see you there!

Post-show update: thank you to all of our great volunteers and riders at the horse show. And a big thank you to Ashley Blegen for taking some beautiful photos of the day’s events. Click here to check them out!

Dare to Dream Event: July 15, 2011

Thank you everyone who attended the Dare to Dream Shootout on Friday the 15th! A special thanks to board member, Shellie Kremers as well as Diane Holmes, Nevada Joe, Bison Meadows, all of our sponsors, and the volunteers who made this happen. More info and pictures coming soon…

25th Anniversary Celebration: June 18, 2011

What a great celebration! PA celebrated its 25th anniversary on Saturday, June 18 at the barn.

Thanks to a great group of parent volunteers and board members we had a successful and FUN 25th anniversary celebration. And a big thank you to those who donated their time and/or supplies for the event:

  • Sam’s Club, St. Cloud
  • Coborn’s/Cash Wise, St. Cloud
  • Jeri Odenthal, Winthrop
  • Glenn Woelfel, Dassel
  • Chris Woelfel, Litchfield
  • Amanda Orbeck, Kimball
  • Viking Coke & 7-Up
  • Rosie Hennen, St. Cloud
  • Jason & Holly Schwanke, St. Cloud
  • Rick & Marlys Backes, Avon

We had “horse poop bingo”, a demonstration, photo slideshow and lots of great fun. Founder and special guest, Don Holden, even stopped by to join in the festivities and share some wonderful stories. THANK YOU to our volunteers, parents, participants and friends for continuing to support PA. Here’s to another 25 years!

Photos of the big day will be posted soon!

Coborn’s Cookout: May 28, 2011

It was great to see everyone who came out to Coborn’s in St. Joe to show their support for PA by purchasing a brat and soda. A BIG thank you to Marti Marrinan and our other volunteers who helped coordinate the event and grill and serve the food.

Our first Coborn’s cookout was a great success!!

2011 Calendar is Filling Up Fast!

Check the calendar page for 2011 session date, volunteer trainings, educational forums and more!

11.1.10 Give to the Max on November 16th!

For the second year in a row, will be having a Give to the Max day where donations made through their online giving portal will be eligible to receive golen tickets and grand prizes. If you’re considering a donation to PA and our great programs – please consider giving next Tuesday, November 16th! Last year our generous donors contributed over $2,000 – can we beat that this year?!

Visit this website to donate:

Fall Open House & Photo Shoot scheduled for Oct 10.

Learn more…

8.7.10 Dare to Dream Event Video

A big thanks to everyone who helped out at this year’s Dare to Dream Event on Friday, July 16th Bison Meadows Ranch in Maple Plain: “Where Cowboy Mounted Shooting and Therapeutic Horseback riding meet”!

And a huge thank you to Brian Anthony at Scoop Pictures for putting together an incredible piece about the day. It speaks volumes for PA and what we do. Take a look by clicking here

7.17.10 Raffle Winners Announced

Thank you to all of our generous donors and congrats to the winners of our 2010 raffle. Here they are!

$170.00 Hand Made Quilt Doreen A Johnson #0410 Project ASTRIDE
$150.00 MN Wild:  2 LL tickets Lisa Schoonmaker #0531 Dr. Greg Schlosser
$135.00 Water Color Print Kathy Mayhew #0542 Alice Sue Becker
$120.00 Fit For Life 3 Mo Membership Sally Pitzen #0068 Northern Star Physical Therapy
$120.00 7 Months Storage Rocky Rogstad #0049 Meerkat Farm, Albany MN
$110.00  2 TWINS Game Tickets Matt Stone #0595 Chris Shorba
$105.00 Cold Spring Granite Etched Clock Maggie Schlosser #0598 Cold Spring Granite Company
$100.00 Martini Basket Dennis Bauer #0617 Lisa and Scott Schoonmaker
$100.00  Gift Certificate Rosewood Nursery and Floral Marilyn Rosene #0900 Dr. Greg Schlosser
$100.00 Cash Prize Christi Becker #0601 Alice Sue Becker
$100.00 Cash Prize Lisa Schoonmaker #0532 Gwen Marshall
$100.00 Cash Prize Paul Marrinan #0234 Lisa and Scott Schoonmaker
$100 Gift Card Coborn’s Kathy Theis #0905 Rowdy, Buzz & Fritz Brigham
$100 Gift Card Coborn’s Julie Warner #0094 Rowdy, Buzz & Fritz Brigham
$60.00 One Hour Massage  Sister Rosalind Kim Barka #0449 Dr. Greg Schlosser
$50.00 MN Timberwolves: 4 Upper level tickets Robin Hanson #0097 Dr. Greg Schlosser
$50.00 Cash Prize Ann Rausch #0204 Anonymous Donor
$50.00 Cash Prize Bob Jwanouskos #0044 Anonymous Donor
$50.00 Gift Certificate & Sweatshirt Barb Johnson #0473 Murphy Chevrolet
$50.00 Savings Bond Lola Blatter #0201 Bank Vista
$50.00 Cash Prize Rich Elias #0100 Alice Sue Becker
$45.00 Cash Prize Chris Schorba #0975 Anonymous Donor
$35.00 Gift Basket Blake Vogt #0364 Bannockburn Farm
$25.00 Cash Prize Tom Hanson #0099 Anonymous Donor
$25.00 Cash Prize Ann Rausch #0205 Anonymous Donor
$25.00 Cash Prize Greg Cooley #0628 Anonymous Donor
$25.00 Cash Prize Tom Weaver #0326 Anonymous Donor
$25.00 Cash Prize Robert Rosene #0911 Anonymous Donor
$25.00 Cash Prize Doreen A Johnson #0402 Anonymous Donor
$25.00 Gift Card Lori Danzl #0256 Nelsons Brothers
$25.00 Gift Card Jim Weinmann #0382 Clear Lake Farmers Elevator
$25.00 Gift Card Paul Marrinan #0229 McDonalds Meat Clear Lake
$25.00 Granite Coasters Julie Marshall #0485 Amy and Paul Mergen, Sartell
$20.00 Value 1 Hair Cut Mary K Weinmann #0395 3rd Street Hair Company
5 – $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card St. Cloud Campus Subway
Robert Hennen #0379
Mary Stangler #0576
Chelsea Bestgen #0191
Brian Clark #0657
Debbie Plafcan #0360
5 – $10.00 Atwood Subway Gift Card St. Cloud Atwood Subway
Paul Radeke #0951
Pat Arnold #0126
Heidi Santiago DeFord #0475
Logan Gray #0162
Randy Hennen #0421
2 – $5.00 Gift Cards Chris Shorba #0957 Keith’s Kettle


4.5.10: Join us on Facebook!

Share stories, photos and with all your PA friends on Facebook… become a fan today!

Project ASTRIDE on Facebook


(Note: You don’t need to be a Facebook member to view our page but you do if you’d like to post comments, photos, etc.)

2.23.10: Watch our new video on YouTube!

A big thanks to Jim McAlister for all his hard work on this great video!
Watch it at::

1.2.10: Welcome Marti!

Marti joins us as our new Volunteer Coordinator assisting our former Volunteer Coordinator Brenda Theis.

Hello to all Volunteers! Mine is not really a new face as many of you may have seen me around the barn over the last few years. I have been a side walker, a horse leader, done tack and arena set up, helped with Friendship Ventures, the horse show, the Expo. I just can’t seem to get enough. It is always exciting to get even more involved in something as great as Project ASTRIDE. I found out when I helped at the PA booth at the Fair this summer just how much fun it is to talk to strangers about this awesome program. Once I got started talking it was hard to stop.

As new Volunteer Coordinator, I would like to know more about the people who have chosen PA; what you like the most about PA, what makes your volunteer experience good, and how can we make it even better. If you see an email in your inbox from me, I hope you’ll take a moment to reply. Feel free to contact me.

Marti Marrinan

Clare’s Corner…

Project ASTRIDE (PA) is looking to expand programming to serve more riders in more ways. Expansion will include more certified riding instructors and the development of a Hippotherapy program.

Hippotherapy must be done by an American Hippotherapy Assn certified therapist to be covered by health insurance. This means that if your physician prescribes Hippotherapy your insurance could pay for OT services at PA as early as 2011!

PA will be collaborating with other therapeutic riding (TR) centers across the state in developing a qualified presenter list. Individuals identified on this list are considered experts in the TR industry. They will visit centers and present continuing education opportunities to volunteers on how to improve horse leading techniques, ways to become a more effective sidewalker, facilitating communication with riders, and much more.

Project ASTRIDE will be having three opportunities for continuing education this winter. We would like to see each and every volunteer attend at least two of these two hour presentations. There will be light munchies, warm drinks and volunteer friends available.

Happy Trails,
Clare Palmquist, Advanced Instructor and Program Coordinator

12.15.09 Message from the President, Gwen Marshall

I would like to thank everyone for another great year with Project ASTRIDE. It cannot be said enough how grateful we are to have our wonderful volunteers and donors!!

I also wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday season from Project ASTRIDE. We are all looking forward to another great year!!

~Gwen Marshall, President

Fundraising Report …

You, our valued supporters, were mailed a letter mid-summer asking for donations and many have responded. Your continued generosity is appreciated and needed!

During the past two years, Project ASTRIDE has been fortunate to be awarded grant funds to purchase a Fjord horse, new saddles and other tack to keep our supply in good condition, and to buy and install the SureHands© lift.

Your donations pay rent, insurance, hoof trimming, veterinary care – all the nuts and bolts needed to keep the program running. While riders’ fees help, they do not cover all the expenses.
There are other ways to help, too:

  • Pass the Project ASTRIDE information along to friends and family who you think may be interested. Information, donation cards and pre-addressed return envelopes are available at the barn. Or email Linda Peterson with your name and address to have several mailed to you ([email protected])
  • Ask your place of employment for a contribution. Businesses are more likely to contribute to non-profits where their employees are involved.
  • Save your coins for the Cash for Critters jars at the sessions.
  • Save your Cub Food receipts and send to Project ASTRIDE, PO Box 873, St. Joseph, MN 56374. The next due date for receipts is the end of September. Receipts should be from July, August and September for this quarter’s deadline.

Thanks for helping to keep PA strong and healthy! Every donation, every size, is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.

~ Linda Peterson,
Board Member

Clare’s Corner…

The leaves are starting to change color, the horses are starting the process of growing their winter coats and while the program is gearing down the administrative part of Project ASTRIDE picks up in earnest. Budgets and financials are reviewed, next year’s class schedules, trainings and fundraisers are decided, grants are written, strategic plans and policies are revisited, and the website is reviewed for currency. Help us to strengthen our organization so we can offer more to our riders. As we grow we need help in many of these areas!

The board would like at least 1 or 2 parents who have strong ties to our community to serve on the Board of Directors. Individuals who have skills in the legal field, veterinary, marketing, IT or fundraising are needed to serve on committees and elsewhere. For more details call us. A job description is available at your request. If you or someone you know with the skill to help us is interested, please contact us and let us know!

The quality of services our participants receive is directly proportional to the quality of our volunteers and horses! So a special “Thanks” to our volunteer coordinator for all her efforts and to those individuals who have assisted us in our endeavors to find quality horses for our program.

And finally, I would like to personally thank all of you for your support in the many fundraising activities we planned this year; the Coins for Critters Drive, the Raffle and all its prizes, the Horse Show, Dare to Dream and just spreading the word in general to those you know and do business with who might end up being financial supporters of our program. These are the reasons that we are able to do what we do. Thank you for your support.

Happy Trails,
Clare Palmquist, Advanced Instructor and Program Coordinator

10.1.09 Message from the President, Gwen Marshall

Thank you to everyone who sold raffle tickets and participated in the Coins for Critters drive!! We will continue to need your help and support to keep the program running smoothly. It is important for all of us involved in Project ASTRIDE to take ownership of the program and put our best effort forward in supporting the program. Without you, our volunteers, riders and their families, we would not have a program.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to Shellie for organizing the “Dare to Dream” event. Everyone had a great time and things went smoothly.

Also thank you to all of the instructors (Clare, Laurel, Shellie and Alice Sue) for another successful riding season. We definitely could not do this without you. Your time and commitment to PA is greatly appreciated by all who are involved.

THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who participated in this riding season and to all those who helped out with the “extra” projects. 2010 will be an exciting year for Project ASTRIDE with new fundraisers and events (details to come).

Also, please come to our Open House and Holiday Photo Shoot in October (details in this issue) we always have a great time and get great pictures of riders, volunteers and the PA horses.

~Gwen Marshall, President

Raffle Winners Announced

Congratuations to all of the winners from Project ASTRIDE’s 2009 raffle! And a huge thank you to every donor. We couldn’t be who we are without the strong support of our community!

$250.00 Hand Made Quilt Tom Danzl   / #846 Anonymous Donor
$150.00 MN Wild:  2 Lower level tickets for the 2009 – 2010 Season Nancy Eisenbacher  /  #109 Greg Schlosser
$105.00 Cold Spring Granite Etched Clock Jim Rognlin  /  #644 Cold Spring Granite Company
$100.00 MN Timberwolves: 4 Upper level tickets for the 2009-2010 Season Chris Shorba  /  #1029 Greg Schlosser
$100.00  Gift Certificate Rosewood Nursery and Floral Jeffrey Eikmeier  /  #1092 Rosewood Nursery and Floral
$100.00 Cash Prize Gary Gray  /  #536 Mary and Vern Dingmann
$100.00 Cash Prize Larry Mc Cormick  /  #352 F&M Bank
$100.00 Cash Prize Deb Hansen  /  #221 Anonymous Donor
$100.00 Cash Prize D J Cafferty  / #161 Anonymous Donor
$100.00 Cash Prize Amanda Tody  /  #311 Anonymous Donor
$100.00 Cash Prize Pat Bruchs  /  #455 Anonymous Donor
$100.00 Cash Prize Nancy Schwindel  /  #224 Lisa and Scott Schoonmaker
$100.00  2 TWINS Game Tickets 09 Season Jean Danzl  /  #852 Chris Shorba
$100.00 Framed Equine Photograph Julie Kieke  /  #854 Victor Medina
$75.00 Digital Camera Jeffery Eikmeier /  #1091 Mark and Connie Kelley
$75.00 Jacket Natlie Roth  /  #100 Image Builders
$65.00 One Hour Massage Carol Braegelmann  /  #102 Sister Rosalind
60 Minute Massage Laurie Shepard  /  #328 A Healing Spot
$50.00 Savings Bond Carol Maciej Weber  /  #778 Bremer Bank, St.Cloud
$50.00 Cash Prize Chris Shorba  /  #1076 Ameribuilt
$50.00 Cash Prize John Theis  /  #1115 Ameribuilt
$50.00 Gift Certificate Lynette Hurrle  /  #795 Mimbach Fleet Supply
$50.00 Doggie Gift Basket Jennifer Krebsbach  /  #922 Paws in the Country
$30.00 3 Way Touch Lamp Rachel Strom  /  #1192 Anonymous Donor
$29.99 One Free Oil Change Tom Danzl   / #849 Goodguys Motor Co., Waite Park
$25.00 2 Free rounds of golf & cart rental City View Golf Course Brenda Cowlfs  /  #817 Herb & Lorraine Hesse, Cold Spring
$25.00 Cash Prize Jody Wessel  /  #507 State Farm Insurance, Jackie Lundstrom
$25.00 Cash Prize Romona Morgan  /  #657 Pine Cone Vision Center, Sartell
$25.00 Granite Coasters Anita McGowan  /  #402 Amy and Paul Mergen, Sartell
$25.00 Gift Card Boysen Animal Hospital Christy Cronquist  /  #0012 Boysen Animal Hospital
$25.00 Gift Card Great Northern Unclaimed Freight Kris Patterson  /  #0041 Unclaimed Freight, Sauk Rapids
$25.00 Gift Card Target Crossroads Betty Fyten  /  #431 Target Crossroads
$25.00 Gift Card COBORNS Centennial Plaza Dianne Schmotzer  /  #514 COBORNS Centennial Plaza
1 Hair Cut Gail Tubridy  /  #341 3rd Street Hair Company
$20.00 Volumizing Hair Care  Kit Dale Novak  /  #808 GB & Company, St. Cloud
$15.00 Certificate Marnantelis Cold Spring Stephen Weber  /  #256 Cold Spring Marnantelis
9 Piece Chicken Bucket Combo Cindy Causon  /  #516 Short Stop Restaurant
$12.50 Stack N Store with scoop Monica Lewis  /  #541 Denny and Kathy’s ACE Hardware
5 – $10.00 Campus Subway Gift Card St. Cloud Sue Peck  /  #807 Charlie, Denise & Rowdy Brigham
Julia Konop  /  #226
Paul Marrinan  /  #597
Steve Leen  /  #1081
Lola Blattner  /  #444
5 – $10.00 Atwood Subway Gift Card St. Cloud Jesse Zimmer / #658 Charlie, Denise & Rowdy Brigham
Marti Marrinan  /  #590
Joyce Majeski  /  #1086
Lori Danzl  / #843
Lisa Prasky /  #441
5 – Cold Spring Subway 6″ Subway Certificate Lori Fuchs  /  #1015 Cold Spring Subway
Julie Wood  / #634
Carole Miller  /  #543
Toni Burg  /  #241
Tom Smith  / #630


Ride Times Now Posted for PA Benefit Schooling Show!

The third annual benefit show will be held on August 23rd at Rocking R Farm in Foley.

> Omnibus Listing
> Entry Form & Release of Liability
> Ride Times

For more information about the show visit the Central States Dressage and Eventing Association website ( or contact Clare. Volunteers, riders and spectators welcome! Closing date for entries is August 15th. The raffle drawing will be held at noon on the show grounds.

UPDATE: Volunteers are still needed to help with various tasks. Contact Clare if you’re interested in helping for a few hours or all day!

Project ASTRIDE featured in St. Cloud Times!

June 16, 2009, by Frank Lee

Clare Palmquist enjoys horsing around, especially if it helps those with disabilities.
The advanced therapeutic-certified riding instructor is program coordinator of Project ASTRIDE, which is a member of the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association. Read more…

The Raffle Tickets Are Ready!

We have many donors for our Raffle ticket prizes this year. We need your support! We are selling the tickets for $5 each…Laurel has the raffle tickets, look for an envelope out at the barn that we will have ready for you to sell! THANK YOU ALL FOR your support!

The raffle drawing will be held at our Annual Horse Show on Sunday, August 23rd. More details coming about the big show, too! If you would like tickets please contact Laurel at 685-4524. We will be having them out at the barn during class time too. We need everyone’s help in selling the tickets! THANK YOU!

Dare to Dream …
Submitted by Shellie Kremers Instructor

On Friday July 17th, Project ASTRIDE has been invited to participate in the WAHL Dare to Dream Shootout. Dare to Dream will be hosted by the Bison Meadows Ranch in Maple Plain, MN along with Diane Purcelli from the Shooting Star Ranch located in Darby, MT. Diane will be traveling to
Bison Meadows with her Mustang, Nevada Joe. Nevada Joe is a therapeutic program horse for Shooting Star Ranch and the official horse ambassador of NARHA. Nevada Joe will be there for Project ASTRIDE and to give our riders the opportunity to participate in the sport of cowboy
mounted shooting.

To learn more visit or email us

Clare’s Corner…

We are busy gearing up for the 2009 riding season!

With help from many people the tack is clean, horses are being schooled, class schedules have been arranged and filled, volunteers are being contacted and many events have been lined up for the year.

We have 3 volunteer training’s scheduled in 2009 so please encourage others to join us as volunteers. We are looking forward to another season in our beautiful facility thanks to owners Rick and Marlys Backes and their family. We will be seeing a few new horse faces this year and will be saying happy retirement to a few others.

Project ASTRIDE may be partnering with Friendship Ventures in 2009 to offer horse experiences to some of their campers. We are looking forward to this collaborative adventure.

Linda P has joined us this past year and is in charge of many fundraisers and grant writing. She has written us a grant for a Sure Hands Lift to make mounting easier, safer and more dignified for many of our riders. We are awaiting its final approval.

The board would appreciate and welcome everyone’s assistance with the events we have planned for 2009. We will again be participating in the MN Winter Horse Fest on April 4th.

Raffle tickets go on sale in April with the prize winners being drawn at our 3rd Annual Benefit Horse Show at Rocking R Farms on August 23rd.

Project ASTRIDE will be having an open house on June 9th for past, present and future donors, please think about bringing someone you know who has a generous and giving spirit.

We have a volunteer organizing a booth at the Benton Co Fair and would like to see all of you involved in these events in some way or another.

The board of ProjectASTRIDE would like your assistance in forming a parent committee to help to serve parents and families. A parent committee would have a voice at board meetings to help shape the direction Project ASTRIDE will take now and in the future. A parent and rider panel as part of this committee could help in speaking publicly to potential donors, medical professionals and schools. We hope to see many of you riding and volunteering soon!

Happy Trails,
Clare Palmquist, Advanced Instructor and Program Coordinator

4.1.09 Message from the President, Gwen Marshall

Join us in our “Coins for Critters” coin drive to help raise funds for Project ASTRIDE. Throughout each session, bring your coin jar (or unique container) full of change to the class you are participating or volunteering in. The competition will be heated- the class that
brings in the most money will get a Party at the end of the session!!

Who: All PA volunteers, participants and visitors.
When: Throughout the PA riding season. Starting at the first class of each session and ending at the last class.

(Check the newsletter for exact start and end dates for each session.)
Look for more information at volunteer trainings, rider orientation and at the barn!

~Gwen Marshall, President

CentraCare Health Foundation approved a grant proposal funding a
SureHands® lift!

This lift will be used to assist certain riders to mount their horses without using the ramp, and without the lifting now being done by volunteers. This will be a great new safety feature, as well as alleviating strain sometimes associated with the mounting process.

The CentraCare Health Foundation Board of Directors is expected to give final approval in mid-April. Ordering, installation and staff training will take at least a month. The SureHands® lift is expected to be available for use by the final sessions of 2009. Which riders use the lift will be determined by discussions among the instructors, riders, and riders’ families.

Project ASTRIDE is very grateful to CentraCare for being awarded this grant!

We are looking for your heartwarming stories!

Have you made a special connection? Do you have a favorite horse and why? Has PA made a measurable change in the life or qualities of your life or your child’s life? Have they transferred to other aspects of life? Send us your story and perhaps you’ll see your story posted on PA’s website. Look for updated photos. You may be a star! Email us today!

1.1.09 Message from the President, Gwen Marshall

Project ASTRIDE has had another successful riding season! Thank you to all of the volunteers, riders and their families, and the instructors for another great year! Project ASTRIDE would not be able to continue without the support of our generous donors.

PA will be launching new fundraisers in 2009 and will be unable to be successful without the help of our riders and their families as well as our volunteers. Without sufficient funds to care for our horses and pay other expenses, we cannot continue to offer this awesome service to the community. There are many great ways to support PA including volunteering to assist at fundraising events, spreading the word about PA and its fundraisers to family and friends, joining the fundraising committee, and by monetary donations. Keep your eye out for fliers and e-mails regarding our upcoming events.

We had another great Holiday Photo session in October. Despite the cold we still had a lot of fun taking the pictures and coloring pumpkins for Halloween. Thank you to our awesome photographer Cassandra Meyer for another great year!! We look forward to doing them again next year- they make fun and unique gifts and holiday cards.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!
~Gwen Marshall, President

THANK YOU ALL for your continuing support of Project ASTRIDE!!!

10.10.08: Holiday Photo Shoot – Sunday, October 26

Come join us on Sunday, October 26, 2008 for Project ASTRIDE’s 3rd annual Holiday photo shoot! Take this opportunity to get your holiday photos taken with a Project ASTRIDE horse. PA Holiday photos make great Christmas cards and gifts.
The offer is open to all PA riders, volunteers and their families.

Individual and family photos will be available!

Photos will be taken inside the arena but warm clothes are recommended.

Photo CD’s will be created and distributed with up to 5 poses for $25. All proceeds will benefit Project ASTRIDE. CD’s will be mailed out within one week.

We will have Chili available and welcome you to bring a small dish or treats to share. We will have a variety of activities and are hoping to have some pumpkins available to decorate.

Please e-mail Gwen or call (320) 468-2997 to schedule a time.

(Photo sessions will begin at 9am.)

9.8.08: Congrats & Thanks for a Great Show!

Congratulations to program riders and horses for a job well done!

  • Gregory and Taffy for their 4th place ride in their Intro A Sr ride.
  • Jordon and Blackie for their 2nd place ride in Intro A Jr
  • LaKota and Taffy for their 3rd place ride in Leadline and a 1st place ride in the Scavenger hunt.

Thanks to PA volunteers, Laurel, Tressa, Shellie, Marti, Jean, Linda, Gwen, Ron and Clare for helping to make the day a success!

Thanks to Rocking R Farms owner Bev Roth, judges Anne Cizaldo “r”, Mary Spaeth “L”, scribes Amanda and Jennifer for donating their services and all participants for helping to make this event a great success.

Class sponsors were Rodger Johnston (All Jumping classes), Avon State Bank (Intro A), Mike and Sharon Bauerly (Scavenger Hunt) and the Marrinan Family (Intro B).

See you next year!

7.15.08: Project ASTRIDE’s Benefit Horse Show: August 24th!

This year’s benefit show was held on August 24th at Rocking R Farm in Foley.

> Entry Form & Release of Liability
> Rider Eligibility Requirements

For more information about the show visit the Central States Dressage and Eventing Association website ( or contact Clare

6.8.08: Now Taking Clothing Orders!

Volunteers & Friends: I am placing another Project ASTRIDE clothing order for anyone that is interested. I am hoping to get this order in by Wed. June 11th so please email me with your order, you will pay for it when it arrives. Include size (adult or child) and select from the choices below of styles and colors available. I also have an order form out at the barn (if you are out in the next week).

Email me (Laurel) with your order and/or any questions.

Laurel Theis

T-Shirts– $15.00 Ash, Black, Cardinal, Deep Forest, Navy, Red, Royal, Lt Steel, Lt Blue, Heathered Green, Heathered Blue, Natural, Orange, Lt Pink, Pebble, Purple, Teal, Yellow, White

Sweatshirts $22.00 Ash, Black, Burgundy , Forest Green, Gold, Khaki, Navy, Orange , Royal, Red, White

Youth Sweatshirts– $20.00 Sand, Black, Forest , Gold, Navy, Royal, Red, White, Light Pink, Orange, Yellow, Irish Green

Hoodies– $28.00 Ash, Black, Sand, Royal, Navy, Red, White

Youth Hoodies – $20.00 black, ash, Forest Green, Light Pink, Irish Green, Orange , Navy, Royal, Red

Zip Hoodie – $29.00 Black, Ash, Navy

Youth Zip Hoodie– $25.00 Black, Ash, Navy

Polo Shirts– $29.00 black, red, navy, white

Denim Button-up shirt – $20.00

Polar Fleece Jacket – $36.00
Mens- Burgundy, Black, Navy, Pine, Red, Grey
Womens-Lt Pink, RiverBlue, Apple Green, Navy, Red, Black

Polar Fleece Pullover -– $33.00 Apple Green, Black, Burgundy , Charcoal, Cobalt, Forest , Lt Pink, Lt Blue, Navy, Red

Polar Fleece Vest -– $29.00
Womens-White, Black, Lt Blue, Apple Green, Dark Brown
Mens – Black, Charcoal, Forest Green, Royal, Navy

4.1.08: New Website

Welcome to the new Project ASTRIDE website! We’re glad you’re visiting. Make youself comfortable and take a look at our new “digs”. Comments, suggestions? Please email Anita

3.15.08: Newsletter

Check out the latest (spring) newsletter that was mailed out. It’s chalk full of valuable information – dates, horse updates and more!

3.1.08: A message from president, Gwen Marshall

“I would like to welcome everyone back to another wonderful PA season!

We have again seen many changes over the winter – some sad and some good. The good news is that we will be staying at Avon Hills for the next five years! Remember to thank Rick and Marlys Backes for their hospitality if you see them around the barn this season. We had a wonderful time at the party they hosted for volunteers and riders last fall. They were kind enough to hitch up their Haflingers and take volunteers and riders on a wagon ride around their beautiful property. A good time was had by all!

We also had another successful photo shoot for Christmas card pictures with a PA horse again this year. The horses were posing pretty for their big day and participants and volunteers were pleased with their photos.

Sadly, we lost one of our favorite horses on Thanksgiving 2007. Jondalar was our fuzzy Norwegian Fjord who was everybody’s favorite. he will sadly be missed by instructors, participants and volunteers. Thank you Jondalar for your wonderful service to PA!

We are all looking forward to another great year!

Thank you in advance to all volunteers new and old! Thank you to all of the local businesses and private donors who continue to support PA with their charitable donations, we wouldn’t be here without you!”

~ Gwen Marshall, President