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Project ASTRIDE is a 100% volunteer organization. In 2012 alone, over 70 people contributed nearly 3,000 hours to the program.Without our volunteers Project ASTRIDE would not exist!

Be sure to check out the calendar for more details and a list of upcoming session and fundraising dates!

Why should you volunteer?

Our volunteers are proud to be a part of the program. It is so rewarding to participate, and fun too! It’s easy to apply and training is minimal (but required).

There are a variety of volunteer positions. You’ve never touched a horse (and never want to)? That’s okay, we have the perfect job for you, too! As a greeter, grant writer, board member or volunteer coordinator your contributions to Project ASTRIDE are equally as important.

Simply download the application materials to learn more or contact Marti to let her know you’re interested!




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Why our dedicated volunteers spend their time with Project ASTRIDE…

“…the contagious enthusiasm of the riders!”

“…it let’s me go out to the barn and just ‘play’!”

“…I get to share smelly horses with people who would never get the opportunity otherwise.”

“…it’s so important to those that can’t be out and about on their own.”

“…getting a hug on my leg from a rider.”

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