If you are interested in horse racing now stay on this horse racing blog, as weโ€™ll go over it. From history, to latest news about horse racing now, and even the trends we can predict for the future, you name it. Horse racing nowadays has been a great way of getting away from the daily mundane life and watching an exciting sport with these wonderful animals. However, even enthusiasts about house racing now can say that there are still things unsaid about this wonderful sport, but donโ€™t worry, weโ€™ll go over everything.

Our horse racing blog will take you on a journey through horse racing history, its developments and ultimately, weโ€™ll discuss the trends of horse racing now. So, stay with us.

Introduction & Brief History

As the sport of kings, horse racing now has been set on a pedestal as one of the most elegant sports possible. But what we know as horse racing now hasnโ€™t been like that all the time โ€“ it has a long and distinguished history and of course, it changed over history. As long as horse racing has existed, so has sports wagering among people. If you were attending an event, you could place a bet at a bookie located on the tracks. Although you can do that today as well, there is also an option to go online and place your predictions for free. You can find the answer to how you can do that by visiting the nodepositcasinocanada.ca site.

It is interesting to know that archaeological records indicate that it first occurred in Ancient Greece, Babylon, Syria, and Egypt. Besides this, it is notable that it is a part of legends and myths too.

One of the most popular types of racing was chariot racing, and it was popular across Rome and Greece. In fact, so much, that the Greek Olympics had both chariot and mounted horse racing events, and these sports were also present in the PanHellenic Games.

From the middle of the fifteenth century until 1882 the spring carnival in Rome closed with a horse race, showing the continuous presence of horse riding through history. During this event, 15-20 horses without riders were set and they ran the length of the Via del Corso.

In the later years, thoroughbred racing became and still is one of the most popular sports amongst aristocrats and royalty in the world.

Throughout history, several types of horse racing have been developed, and those who maintained through history and now are:

Flat Racing โ€“ horses gallop directly between two different points โ€“ sometimes the track is oval, or it can also be a straight track.

Jump Racing โ€“ or also popular as steeplechasing or National Hunt racing, is the form where horses race and jump over obstacles.

Harness racing – horses trot or pace while pulling a driver in a sulky.

Saddle Trotting – horses trot from a starting point to a finishing point under saddle.

Endurance racing โ€“ horses travel through extreme distances โ€“ from 25-100 miles.

Racing Horse

Horse Racing Now: Facts and Rules

Throughout history, horse racing has developed as one of the most interesting sports of today. The rules of horse racing are simple – Riders must ride in a safe manner and follow the prescribed course. They also need to jump every obstacle if there are such in the race and they must complete the race by crossing the finish line while being on the horse.

Since there are different types of races, the winners win prizes that are usually split amongst the first, second and third finishers.

A fun fact about the history and the development of horse racing is that in extraordinary or emergency circumstances, any horse may be started with a flag as long as the starter decides this or the stewards permission has been sought. Also, in case two or more horses cross the line in the same time, making it impossible for the naked eye to judge who won the event, a photo finish is declared, and the stewards decide who won the race.

The 5 Classic Horse Races

There are certain horse races that deserve our attention, and the top 5 classics include the 1000 and the 2000 Guineas, happening on an annual basis, just like the rest 5 classic horse races. Besides these two, we have The Oaks, held at Epsom, The Epsom Derby โ€“ the most prestigious of all English Classics, and The St. Leger.

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Most Popular Horse Breeds and Types

Just like with other animals, there are different breeds and types of horses. The most popular ones are:

  1. American Quarter Horse
  2. Arabian
  3. Thoroughbred
  4. Warmblood
  5. Morgan
  6. Appaloosa
  7. Pony