Think your horse has the right stuff for the job?

Our equine partners are important to us. They are well taken care of and treasured for the work they do. We only accept horses we intend to use. Horses must be donated on a 30 day trial period after having passed an initial 2 hour evaluation of soundness, behavior, training and riding by the owner and the lead Instructor. Horses should be in good condition at the time the trial period commences.

Program horses are pastured in a small herd with available fresh water, individual runin shelters, hay as needed and twice daily feedings. Regular veterinary care, vaccinations, worming and farrier are provided along with other care as needed. Horses receive lots of brushing, hugging and loving.

Ideal horses must be sound with few, if any, vices. Preferably they are the “been there, done that” kinds of horses. We accept horses no younger than 6 yrs of age and no older than 18 years of age. Ideally, program horses are between 13.2 hands and 15.1 hands. No horse with navicular, heaves, who crib, have foundered (with more than a slight rotation), is blind or has gait interfering injuries will be considered. Horses should be walk-trot sound, safe, enjoy human contact and are respectful when ridden independently by beginners. Horses found to be inappropriate over the trial period will be returned to their owners within 30 days. During those 30 days we will do our best to care for the health and well being of your horse.

No horse that has been accepted as a donation will be sold unless it is the express wish of the donor.

Contact us to learn more about donating a horse for the program.

Dismissal Policy